Consulting Team


Our team offer's you streamlined access to unique investment opportunities. Invest hassle-free in a highly curated set of institutional properties across the United States, backed by transparent reporting and extensive experience to oversee your investment. 

About Us



We'll be your strategy consultant's team  who helps you [the investor] with your real estate investments planning. As a Real Estate investment consulting, unlike a RE broker or sales agent, we’ll do more in-depth work on formulating your investment strategies, helping you [our client] fulfill your needs and goals.



With our over 25 years of experience as a Real Estate Professional, we have a complete knowledge on finding Private Money Investors, contractors, and financing. We utilize our expertise, network, and technology to filter through the noise. We bring rigorous analysis based on proprietary data, a network spanning 100+ local operating partners, and an investment team with over $5 billion in transaction experience. All to provide you with high-quality investment opportunities in Real Estate


Project Management

Our job as a Asset Manager is to actively monitor your Real Estate investments and continue to work with the investors as goals change over time.  Rehab overview, contractors, field operations, quality control, and marketing Sale Strategy